World on lockdown, some news and prayer points

Shalom, beloved Fields of Wheat family,

I hope you and your family are well.

A lot has happened since I last wrote to you. The entire world has been gripped by a single virus. So strange, eh? That life as we have known it has ground to a halt, stymied by a disease no one knew about until a short time ago.   I earnestly hope that you and your family are well, protected, and finding productive ways to use this unexpected time at home. Connie and I are here in our Kiryat Chaim apartment. She is painting and drawing. I’m writing working on a book called “With All Your Heart.” I hope to publish it this summer and make it available to you.   One of the most pleasurable activities during this “lockdown” is to sit in our patio garden, enjoying the spring weather. Israelis have been ordered not to venture more than 100 meters (yards) from their house. Extreme. But we feel that the restrictions are well-founded, given the severely rapid spread of this plague.  

Another prominent and, I’m sure you’ll agree, central activity these days is praying together. Here are a few areas for us to pray on — with each other. In fact, the effectiveness and timeliness of corporate prayer are such that I’m hoping to schedule a ZOOM live prayer session for all of us together. It will likely be some time next week. Please “stay tuned” for more info. The link to make the connection will come via e-mail.

– Safety and health for all of your families and congregations.
– Grace, protection, and effectiveness for all the medical personnel dealing with the virus.
– Wisdom for our government and health officials in containing and ending its spread.
– Intervention from the Throne of Grace, that Almighty God will stay His hand of judgment.
– Humbling, repentance, and re-set to embrace God’s purity, His kingdom, His agenda.

Fields of Wheat-related:
– Breakthrough re: an extraordinary possibility that has come our way – a large piece of available land.
– For 2020 to be the year Fields of Wheat acquires God’s choice of location in the Galilee.
– Divine assistance for our lawyer and accountant to combat bureaucratic obstacles to our gaining full rights as an Israeli non-profit organization.
– Renewed and strengthened communication connecting us with the heart of God to  “equip for harvest.”

Let’s be in touch. I’m so looking forward to seeing you when we gather next week.

With Love and appreciation,

Eitan Shishkoff