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He gives strength to the weary, and to him who lacks might He increases power. Though youths grow weary and tired, and vigorous young men stumble badly, Yet those who wait for the LORD will again new strength; They will mount up with wings like eagles, they will run and not get tired, They will walk and not become weary.” – Isaiah 40:29-31 (emphasis ours).

Though Isaiah wrote these verses some 2700 years ago, they vividly describe the incredibly dedicated IDF soldiers I’ve been with in battle against Hamas. This week we were able to provide some well-deserved refreshment, giving “strength to the weary.” Your continued prayers for them, for the hostages, and for our leaders are crucial at this time. THANK YOU!

As the world continues to mount pressure on Israel for a ceasefire, we see ugly antisemitism being expressed freely on the streets of Europe, North America, and around the world. But friends, at the very same time it is you who are giving us much needed encouragement that we are, in fact, not alone. You are among God’s true servants who are choosing to stand with Israel and the Jewish people, and even more so with the body of Messiah in Israel.

Yesterday, we had the privilege of serving 500 soldiers of a regiment called “Carmel” (the vineyard of God) on the northern border of Israel. In partnership with another ministry, we cooked an amazing barbecue, and were also able to provide some battle quality clothing they asked for. While all that was going on, we found out that one of the soldiers was a believer! He had already asked us for a bullet proof vest and a few other pieces of equipment that we (you!) were able to supply. This soldier named “E” is just an example of the many soldiers you have been able to help and continue helping with critical protective gear and essential gear that can save lives in the close confines of Gaza.

Meet the 13th Regiment of the Golani Brigade!

The 13th regiment was one of the battalions in charge of security on the Gaza border when the October 7th attack took place. On that day, this regiment lost 41 soldiers in heroic battles and self sacrifice to protect as many civilians as possible. One of the soldiers that fell on that day of infamy was David Ratner, a Messianic believer whom we knew well, and a son of elders in the Ashdod congregation, Beit Hallel Israel.

In many cases, a handful of soldiers were left to fight off wave after wave of Hamas terrorists. An estimated 3000 drug-crazed, heavily armed terrorists came pouring through breaches in the security fences and walls heading to the different outposts where the regiment was based. If not for the heroic stand taken by these soldiers, the number of casualties in the villages around them would have been much worse.

Throughout the war, the Golani 13th proceeded to take on some of the most intense assignments inside Gaza. On December 23, while fighting Hamas terrorists in the neighborhood of Shagaiya, the commander of the regiment, Lt. Colonel Tomer Greenberg, was killed in action alongside several of this soldiers. Lt. Colonel Tomer leaves behind a wife and a 3 year old daughter. Another example of the heroism of this regiment was a soldier named Matan Avergil. While fighting off an onslaught of terrorists, Matan jumped on a grenade that was thrown into their armored vehicle, sacrificing himself and saving the six other soldiers on his team. Their heroic stories on October 7th, December 23, and throughout this conflict are painfully courageous and inspiring. I have heard it said that this regiment has one of the highest number of fallen soldiers of any regiment in this war.

I was connected to these brave, sacrificial fighters through the soldiers we met at our barbecue this week. I was told that much of their equipment was burned and destroyed on October 7. On March 20th, we have the opportunity to host a special meal for this regiment, which is taking a breather here in the north of Israel after intense months of fighting in Gaza, but also preparing for a war in the north. Importantly, our desire is also to help them restock some of the equipment that was lost on October 7th and come alongside with tangible support. The meal alone, for 500 soldiers, will cost about $10,000, and we will need an additional $25,000 for equipment purchases for this regiment. These large sums, however, can be achieved by many, many meaningful donations.

Let’s Bless these Dedicated, Weary Warriors!

Simply, for $20 a weary soldier can enjoy a rare feast of grilled meat and all the trimmings. Now where can you get that for twenty bucks these days? And for $50 each soldier can be resupplied after five months (!) of combat, with equipment that was destroyed by terrorists. These provisions together come to only $70. So, in multiples of 70 we can, together, bring refreshing and re-equipping to fighters who are continually risking their lives for the sake of God’s promises to Israel. ($280 will bless 4 IDF soldiers; $700 will bless 10; $1400 blesses 20!)

We know that many of you have been beyond generous during this time. This is yet another ideal opportunity. If you feel led to give to these soldiers—who’ve had almost no time with their families for five months in the crazy stress of urban warfare—your gift will go a long way to encouraging and strengthening Israeli soldiers who have been through so much. You’ll be providing urgent relief and fresh supplies for the demanding days ahead.

Thank you for helping us continue to make a difference and touch lives during this season.

Blessings upon you!


Helping us Help Them!

The need remains urgent, and we want to be transparent about the financial aspect of this mission. We have successfully provided for many soldiers, but numerous believing members in the IDF are still awaiting assistance.

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