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Look on the fields, they are already ripe for harvest. John 4:35

The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few. Pray therefore that the Lord of the harvest will send laborers into His harvest field. Matthew 9:37,38

Yeshua is speaking here of the Lord’s harvest—the ingathering of disciples. The prophet Joel uses the same imagery, connecting the harvest with the last days leading to “the coming of the great and awesome day of the Lord” (Joel 2:23,24,31). At that time “…whoever calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved” (Joel 2:32).

THIS is the great end-time harvest we must prepare for. This is the harvest that inspired the founding of this national ministry to youth and young adults 23 years ago. You have two roles in this harvest. You are both workers in the harvest and those who are equipping the workers.

Looking back on 2023, it has been a year of growth and challenges, of tragedy and opportunity. So, it’s all the more important to celebrate what God has accomplished. Looking ahead to 2024, the future will call for reinvigorated investment in our youth, infused with faith and courage to fulfill Yeshua’s central commission: Go ye, and make disciples!

Katzir (Harvest) Camps for Israeli Teens

These intensive events are the culmination of months of planning, prayer, and preparation. This year’s camps drew 120 teens and a volunteer staff of 40. We charge the families about 28% of the actual cost. This means that YOUR contributions made it possible for these young men and women to experience the love of Yeshua and foundational equipping in God’s word and in His presence.

Recently I spoke with an Israeli Messianic Jewish business man who now has teenagers of his own. He grew up attending Katizr camps. With emotion he told me “Eitan, Katzir changed my life. And I know many, many more who would say the same thing.”

Passover camp: March 30 – April 2. The theme was ”Who Am I?” Young people everywhere ask themselves this question, especially in the conflict-torn, highly politicized, socially-divided Middle East. Gathered in groups of 6 or 7, we opened the Scriptures together to share the true meaning of “being alive,” why we were created, and what is our highest destiny.

Summer Camp: Aug. 13-18. Blessed. That one word summed up this summer’s theme for our annual Katzir summer youth camp. It’s the word that opens the Sermon on the Mount. As we studied Yeshua’s magnificent instructions for life, together with teens from some 40 different Messianic congregations across Israel, we focused daily on the Beatitudes.

Chanukah Camp – We were unable to hold our camp during the Chanukah vacation because of the war in Gaza. This national trauma is felt keenly by the youth. So, we’re already getting ready for Passover 2024, expecting a tender time of healing and renewed life in the Spirit.

“The Harvesters”- Young Adult Discipleship Training

We, as sons and daughters of God the Father, born of His Spirit, are mandated to make disciples (Matthew 28:18-20). The Middle East is not only a physical battleground, but a spiritual one too. In this environment, both Jewish and Arab young adults are choosing to follow Yeshua. They need concentrated equipping to walk with God and to reach their peers. 

Fields of Wheat is growing toward a full-time program by hosting focused spiritual retreat weekends. These events feature worship, Word-based discussion, recreation, and good food. The young men and women attending tell us that we are meeting a critical need during a stressful time in their lives.

Please pray with us as we reach out to young adult believers at life’s intersection. Pray that we will continue building the trust essential to crafting this program together with our Arab Evangelical brothers and sisters.

Home Base in the Golan Heights 

God rocked us in 2022 when He provided our spacious ministry home in the Golan Heights community of Katzrin.  This past year we were able to make many valuable improvements to outfit the house for residential discipleship, refreshing weekends for young leaders, and teaching workshops.

We enlarged the washer-dryer area to handle future dormitory level volume. A permanent roof was added to our car-port to protect our much-used van. An upstairs alcove was closed off creating our first ever “office.” And we installed sound-absorbent tiles on the living room ceiling so that our praise and worship won’t arouse the neighbors (😂).

We are SO grateful for this splendid facility (which is paid for in full!). It is vivid testimony to the Fields of Wheat story—God’s provision through many devoted friends from many nations.

Vital War Aid in Israel’s Hour of Need

Soon after the Black Shabbat of October 7, your Fields of Wheat team moved into action. A quick survey of full-time IDF soldiers and those being called up revealed critical shortages in key pieces of equipment. Joel and Ruby began driving van-loads of gear to army bases as far north as Mt. Hermon and as far south as the Gaza border.

Not only did they deliver much-appreciated personal items (flash lights, multi-tools, headlamps, portable battery chargers, and even bullet-proof vests) but they brought prayerful encouragement from the Lord. When the soldiers heard (and keep hearing) that you, our friends outside Israel, are providing these supplies AND praying for them, it is profound reassurance that they are not alone.

In November, our executive director, Joel, was recruited to once again command a tank (as he did years ago during his full-time service in the IDF). The acquisition and distribution of equipment was then immediately picked up by our greater team. Furthermore, one of our beloved team members has now recruited his brother. They are continuing to take our mobile “supply wagon” from base to base supplying urgently needed winter wear for our courageous defense forces. Please click here to watch Joel’s report:

As Many Across the World Celebrate our Savior’s Birth…

What a fitting time to respond to Joel’s appeal. The war against the demonic forces of Hamas continues. Our role is to pray, pray, pray and to give what we can to provide winter duds for the soldiers who are in mortal combat, in a conflict that we must win. You are helping — really! — as your donations are being turned into coats, gloves, thermal wear, and warm socks.

I have written this longish update to give thanks to Yeshua for expressing His heart through you during all of 2023. This coming year, 2024, will surely be a watershed year for all of us, but especially for the young people of Israel. We covet your continued friendship and participation.

For the Lord of the Harvest, with love,
Eitan Shishkoff

P.S. One of the greatest joys for me during 2023 was meeting with many of you on our ZOOM prayer and fellowship times. In a way, this is the engine of Fields of Wheat, releasing the power of agreement in intercession for the youth of Israel, both Jewish and Arab. Please watch our regular updates for the announcements of the 2024 times and internet link.

Helping us Help Them!

The need remains urgent, and we want to be transparent about the financial aspect of this mission. We have successfully provided for many soldiers, but numerous believing members in the IDF are still awaiting assistance.

Support Our Winter Gear Initiative

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