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I am thrilled to share an update on a recent and impactful initiative we undertook – supplying winter gear to every believing member of the IDF. The journey has been both challenging and rewarding, and I’m eager to provide you with a more detailed account of our efforts.

The genesis of this project arose from a critical need. Many believers within the IDF were facing the harsh winter conditions without adequate gear. As we delved into the process, we were inundated with over hundred requests, highlighting the urgency of our mission. These men and women, who selflessly dedicate their lives to protect our nation, were in dire need of support to endure the challenging winter months.

Winter Protection and Comfort 

Securing the necessary equipment proved to be a monumental task, but with your support, we successfully gathered all the required resources. From thermal clothing and tactical coats they can wear in the field to durable footwear, we aimed to provide comprehensive winter packages that would offer protection and comfort to our soldiers on duty.

The distribution phase was equally arduous yet incredibly fulfilling. Our team traversed over 50 locations, spanning from the tense northern border with Lebanon to the serene southern city of Eilat. Witnessing the gratitude on the faces of our soldiers, knowing that they were now equipped to face the winter conditions, was a humbling experience.

Impact on the Soldiers Motivates us to do More!

The need is profound, and our work is far from over. We’ve seen firsthand the impact these initiatives have on the lives of our soldiers, and it motivates us to do more. We want to create a safety net for believing soldiers, ensuring that they have the essentials and the support they need. However, to sustain this effort, we require ongoing support from our community.

To those who have already contributed and sowed into our mission, thank you for your unwavering support; your generosity has made a tangible difference. For those considering sowing into our cause, your assistance is more crucial than ever. The demand for winter gear has been overwhelming, and as we anticipate another wave of requests, we are facing the reality that each package, on average, costs around $200.

The need remains urgent, and we want to be transparent about the financial aspect of this mission. We have successfully provided for many soldiers, but there are still numerous believing members in the IDF awaiting assistance. With each passing day, the number of requests grows, and we want to ensure that no soldier is left without the necessary winter gear.

Therefore, we are reaching out to you, our valued community, to help us bridge the gap and provide the remaining packages. Your contribution of any amount will directly impact the lives of those who selflessly serve our nation. Let’s stand together and make a meaningful impact on the well-being of our believing soldiers. Thank you for being an integral part of this ongoing mission.

With warm regards and abundant appreciation,

Ruby, Fields of Wheat staff member

P.S. If you are moved to assist Ruby in purchasing and giving out these much-desired sets, please use the DONATE button below. (Simple math to assist your prayers for guidance: $400=2 sets; $1000=5 sets; $2000=10 sets, etc.) 

P.S.#2 Let’s Celebrate Chanukah and Pray Together – WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 13!

Next Wednesday, December 13 at 6:00pm Israel time it will be the seventh night of Chanukah. Each evening we add one more candle to the Chanukah menorah (chanukiah) to celebrate the victory of Israeli warriors over the Syrian Greek oppressors and rededication of the Temple in 164 BCE.

We will gather again for the strong, rewarding intercessory prayer we’ve come to experience. This prayer is vitally important as Israeli forces are once again in full combat to eradicate the scourge of Hamas and (by God’s miraculous grace and uncommon wisdom for our government) free the people of Gaza from these, their oppressors.

How to Pray: 

  • Angelic protection for every soldier battling the satanic evil of Hamas and Hizbollah in both the southern front (Gaza) and the northern front (Lebanon).
  • Divine Healing and restoration of Amitai Argaman, brother of Moriah, our dedicated, long-time administrator of Katzir youth camps. Amitai’s legs had to be amputated after a Hamas bomb exploded next to him (killing four of his comrades). Please pray for his eyes, his spine, and the follow up surgery on his legs.
  • Clear wisdom and direction for Israel’s political and military leaders as they make crucial decisions amidst pressures from many directions.
  • Divine comfort and hearts to seek wholly after the God of Israel and His Messiah, for all families that have lost loved ones in this unsought after conflict. (Close family and friends are mourning deaths caused by this eruption of pure evil.)
  • Return of EVERY captive in healthy condition!
  • Complete destruction of Hamas as the rulers of Gaza, attempting to destroy Israelending the oppression of its people, who are held as human shields—and the savage terrorist army still making war on Israeli citizens (including 1,000’s of rockets still raining upon our cities). 

Helping us Help Them!

The need remains urgent, and we want to be transparent about the financial aspect of this mission. We have successfully provided for many soldiers, but numerous believing members in the IDF are still awaiting assistance.

Support Our Winter Gear Initiative

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