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Who will be the primary workers in the final harvest that leads to Yeshua’s return?

I believe that according to the words of the Prophet Joel (Joel 2:28), the young men and women of Israel will be at the forefront. We also know this is the time of life when most messengers of the Gospel are called, prepared, and sent out to spread the message of Yeshua’s salvation.

That’s why I want to introduce you to some significant young Israelis!

We get to know these youth during our three annual Katzir (Harvest) youth camps. This national youth ministry is a prime facet of Fields of Wheat (please see our new video if you haven’t yet:

There are two main components (in addition to Yeshua’s overflowing grace towards us) that make these times of equipping possible:

1) You, our friends who deeply care about reaching the next generation and therefore give generously to help subsidize our camps and make it possible for the youth of Israel to participate at an achievable price. Thank you for taking such a central role in the training up and sending out of these Yeshua-loving Israeli youth!  And…

2) Our young adult volunteer leaders who show up faithfully and joyfully to serve the teen campers.

As a member of the extended Fields of Wheat family, you are downright amazing and greatly appreciated. Today, I also want to highlight the significance of these faithful young adult volunteer leaders. Who are they and what makes them tick?

  • Most of the thirty plus young leaders have a history of attending our Katzir camps as teenagers. Each of them has their own Katzir story of how Yeshua marked them. After those life changing encounters, they want other teens to meet Yeshua and be changed by Him also.
  • Most have completed their mandatory army service.
  • Most are either studying in universities or are in the work force, which means they often have to take vacation days without pay in order to be available for the duration of our 3–5-day camps.
  • Because our camps happen during Jewish Holidays -Passover/Hanukkah – and over the Summer break, this means they are sacrificing quality time with family and missing out on opportunities to rest. Thankfully they feel the family dynamic with the other leaders they are serving alongside and the bonds of friendship they make carry on outside of our camps.

To bring in this New Year, Joel Jelski, the Katzir Director, hosted an evening of appreciation for all the love, service and sacrifice these young leaders have made over the last year when we were finally able to restart the youth camps after a year and half without them due to Covid19.

They shared a delicious meal, fellowshipped, and were stirred by the impartation of vision from some of our older leaders who give spiritual oversight and pastoral care to them and the teens during our gatherings. We invite you to be praying with us as we strategize on how we can better equip and encourage these young leaders throughout the New Year.

It excites me to see how God will use you and these young leaders in the lives of Israeli teens this year!

With joy and appreciation for you,

Cody Archer and the Fields of Wheat team

P.S. We are so thankful for every financial gift that has come in so far towards the purchase of our own 9-seater van. Having our own wheels will make a BIG difference in our ability to meet practical needs as a ministry. So far, we are thrilled to have raised $36,000 and still need $12,000 to meet our goal. In this New Year, would you consider giving a special gift towards this goal? Gifts can be given HERE. (In the “add comment” section, please write that your gift is for the van)  

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