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With recent winter rains, the land of Israel is currently blossoming with new life. Here in the Golan Heights almond trees are in full bloom, reminding me of Jeremiah 1:11-12, where God assures Jeremiah that He is ready to perform His word.

We believe this is the year God is going to act on His word, enabling us to purchase property and establish a home for Fields of Wheat as a national equipping center.  There are many exciting developments taking place and we want to highlight some:

  • Property – “One road leads to another.” The property we mentioned back in November 2020 became unavailable when another buyer signed a preliminary contract with the owner. The day after we heard this, my wife, Liat, was looking online and found another amazing property for sale in the very same region. This new possibility is better situated zoning-wise and virtually ready for use. We’ll let you know more details once we’ve done due diligence. Meanwhile, please pray earnestly with us for God’s guidance during the coming weeks. 
  • Website“Renewed Website Going LIVE.” Our freshly updated Fields of Wheat website is now up and running! We honed our vision and language, wrote new texts and added many other new features. Please take some time to check it out (easy click link below)!
  • Advisory team“Arab-Jewish Team to Help Shape Training.” This team of mature leaders is a vital step in fulfilling the dream of establishing a discipleship training school for young Jewish and Arab believers on our own property (though we’re ready to use a temporary facility until then).  We’ve gathered a select group of experienced, respected, and fruitful leaders – both Jewish and Arab – who have agreed to give oversight to our equipping experience. These local veterans share our heart for training up the next generation and are inspired to help us build our training program from the ground up. We ask you to pray for us in this foundation laying phase, as our vision of bringing young Jews and Arabs together for training has unique challenges.

In this new year, here are some ways we hope you will engage with us:

Lastly, we want to Invite you to our next zoom call – Monday March 1st at 6pm Israeli time – where we will share more updates and unite our hearts in prayer for God’s purposes. We look forward to seeing your face and raising our voices to heaven!

Please save this link for the call:

With great love and appreciation for your ongoing love, care, and partnership.

On behalf of the team,

Cody Archer

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