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Shalom, Fields of Wheat Community

“I’m not alone anymore!”

This glowing testimony was repeated time and again at the end of our recent Hanukkah Youth Conference. And this is what I’m noticing. A lot of kids are talking about feeling alone—a cavernous loneliness.

I think social media definitely plays a part in that, but we are also seeing the results of the past two years and the emotional toll it is taking on the teens. This is why our conferences are so crucial. Young people are experiencing the love of God in Messiah, and He’s drawing them out of their shells, to Himself!

These words “I’m not alone anymore” came during just one of the many testimonies from our most recent Katzir (Harvest) camp. Our theme was “Follow Him” emphasizing the personal response to Yeshua’s call to become His disciples. (Here’s a quick video summary….)

It was one of our largest events ever, with 94 teens and 24 young adult volunteers. Over 160 registered! Reluctantly we had to ask many to wait for the next event. This all-time high for registration confirms the urgent need for youth-focused ministry in Israel. We share this to point out two significant things we see happening:

  1. There is a hunger for fellowship after a long time of disconnection.
  2. There is a spiritual hunger for the Lord and the youth know that the Katzir camp is a  place where they can count on being strengthened and renewed spiritually.

Please continue to pray for the teens who attended our camp. There is no doubt that the Covid pandemic and its restrictions have played a significant role in affecting the emotional state of the teens. Pray that the Lord would seal the work that he has done in the hearts of many in the camp as they return home, to school, and their daily life, and that God would break through the strongholds of depression and loneliness many are struggling with.

Sometimes, we get testimonies right away from things the Lord did during the camp. Other times, we hear stories months later. A few teens who attended this past summer’s camp made decisions to follow the Lord and were baptized as a result of an experience at the camp. Here are two testimonies from our recent camp:

P – I came to the camp feeling depressed, and I didn’t like being around people. I had a hard time loving people around me, I constantly judged and was angry at others. During the camp, I felt a breakthrough that I could love the people here, and feel loved and accepted. People came to talk to me and pray for me, which was exactly what I needed. The Lord filled me with His love during the camp.

K – During the time of Covid-19, the last 2 years, I started developing social anxiety. I felt alone, I didn’t want to go to camps and be around people. I was afraid of being rejected. I’m happy I came to Katzir, I feel like I belong and I am loved and accepted by the people here. I met God during this camp, and I now know and feel like I am not alone.

Special Year End Gift for the YOUTH of ISRAEL – A Ministry Van!!

Our goal for the end of this year is to raise $48,000 for a ministry van. This van will serve our three annual youth camps, as well as our young adults discipleship program. Having our own ministry vehicle will save us significant costs in vehicle rentals, helping us equip the next generation for the Lord’s harvest.

We’ve already received $6,687 in funds earmarked for this vehicle!  That’s 14% of the way there. It doesn’t sound like much, but we began with zero. This is a GREAT START. So, please consider adding your special end-of-the-year gift to help us reach this goal. Every gift helps! 

Thanks so much for your prayers, your love, and your ongoing support!

Joel Jelski

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