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What a phenomenal year it’s been for touching young lives in Israel!

Your gifts and prayers have been used by God to reach into the hearts of an extraordinary portion of this promised nation. On behalf of these teenagers at the crossroads of their lives—THANK YOU!

We recently concluded our largest youth camp EVER. Altogether we hosted 122 teens and 40 staff for four days during the Hanukah holiday. During worship, small groups, a desert hike, games and workshops young people were drawn into a life filled with Yeshua’s love.

It’s been truly amazing to see how God has been impacting the lives of teens during the camps—and it’s spreading to others who in turn want to come.

[We invite you to watch this video to hear what the Lord did through you.]

When we saw 200 kids sign up for the camp within the first hour of registration we were shocked. Knowing that we were maxing out the facility at 120, we simply couldn’t take any more.

What can we do to meet this wonderful need—young Israelis wanting more of God? We are praying earnestly, understanding that the urgency of this season is calling us to equip as many teens as we can. Yeshua is reaching out to these young Israelis, to be His disciples.

The Lord is calling us to expand. Please join us in believing that He will use us together to set the stage for many more young hearts to be ignited.

Enlarging our camps means: More leaders, more logistics, more rooms and beds, more buses, more food. Which in turn means expanded financial ability.

We know that none of this would be possible without your generosity and prayers. Our ability to reach a larger group of teens is a direct result of your generosity. Thank you for stepping up to enable the fulfillment of God’s promise to empower young Israelis by His Spirit in the end times (Joel 2:28).

We hope you had a wonderful holiday season and New Year. Our prayer is that the Lord will continue to use you to manifest His Kingdom on earth as it is in Heaven.

We thank the Lord for all he has done in the past year. Its been a breakthrough year filled with growth and many changed lives. Let’s continue in this harvest journey together.

Thank you from my heart,
Joel Jelski

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