Simple Key for Hearing God’s Voice

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I want to give you a simple key to hearing the voice of God…

Maybe the above statement seems like chutzpah (presumption), but I’ve tested it over ½ a century of following the Lord. In today’s video I’m so grateful to share my discovery with you!

Even if what you are about to hear is a familiar truth, I’m asking you to approach this vital dynamic in our relationship with God—HEARING HIS VOICE—with a fresh openness.

May this brief message find you flourishing in the grace of God, the love of Yeshua, and the power of His Spirit.

Thanks for joining me today and in the days to come. Our team is preparing for the very first “class” of the Harvesters discipleship experience. We’ll be sending fresh updates over the next few weeks. Meanwhile, PLEASE PRAY for these aspects of our preparation:

*Smooth transition of ownership to Fields of Wheat and outfitting the house for students and guests.

*Quality communication with our Jewish and Arab senior oversight team, as we build the elements of discipleship together.

*Recruiting of the disciples that will be hand-picked by the Lord for this inaugural session.

*Financial provision for the supplies and additional housing we’ll need (a second, temporary facility will be needed to create separate housing for men and women students).

So grateful for the privilege of serving the Lord of the Harvest with you,


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