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I remember as a teen growing up, the summer was something you longed for year round. It gave you a break from school, the opportunity to travel, to earn some money, and just to hang out with friends. But one thing I always looked forward to was summer camp.

These camps were unique because of their length. Having extra time meant deeper connections with friends, more conversations, more teaching and worship, and sometimes—just a longer time to “get away” (growing up in a dysfunctional home, these camps were a safe place for me, where I had peace).

My youth group at the time had only about 8 or 9 teens. Because teenage believers in Yeshua were (and still are) so rare in Israel, these camps were a vital part of getting to know many other believing teens my age around Israel. I formed friendships and relationships that last to this day. These camps helped create a hunger in me for God, strengthened my walk with the Lord, and formed my identity as a young believer.

Fake Reality or Real Truth?

Now, many years later, I actually find myself directing Messianic youth camps in Israel. What a sovereign work God has done in my life! Because of the role these summer experiences had in shaping me, I am totally dedicated to seeing today’s youth impacted like I was.

Each camp we host presents a new opportunity to impact a life. To bring freedom and Joy. To change a trajectory. Or to encourage the ones who are on the right path. Our goal is to call young people to become disciples who will carry His love into our nation.

This Summer we will again host 100 teens from all over the land. The theme for this camp is a question focused on “What IS Reality?”- especially knowing that today’s youth live in an age of smartphones and social media. Much of what young people perceive as real has, at the most a small drop of truth, but is—in reality—almost completely fake.

What influences their decisions, passions and goals – is the result of realities projected to them through a screen devoid of any true and firm foundations. They aspire to be, do, or feel something they are passively watching. And even when they do experience it, they are left feeling empty and alone. (For an illuminating read on this, you can click on this link:

The importance of true and meaningful connections, intimacy with God, and a firm foundation in God’s word are of crucial importance to THIS GENERATION—a generation that is deeply influenced by forms of technology that have not existed in any previous generation.

How can you pray?

  • Pray for our leadership team as they prepare and write the content (the daily small group devotionals), invite speakers, organize the schedule and activities.
  • Pray for our volunteer leaders – Each camp, we have about 20 or so volunteer leaders – they are the backbone of our camp, and it would not happen without them. Pray for protection over them, a preparation of their heart, soul and mind over the next month, and for them to come full of His love and expectation so they are pouring out from an overflow.
  • Pray for the teens  that God will prepare their hearts to receive, to be hungry for His presence and a fresh encounter with Him. Pray for those who are struggling with their faith and discovering their identity in Him, that He would meet them in a fresh and powerful way and pour out His spirit over them.

How can you support?

We also invite you to sow into these young lives by sowing a financial seed into the fertile soil of the camp. Our summer camp costs approximately $30,000. By His grace, we have already received $16,000 towards meeting this goal.

Please consider impacting these Israeli teens at the crossroads of their lives.

A gift of $320 will sponsor one young man or woman, $640-two young Israelis, $1600-five, and $3200-ten Messianic teens. We are grateful for whatever amount you can sow!

I will never know who contributed to the summer camps that changed my life; but I am serving God today because of their faith-filled response to the same opportunity I’m sharing with you today. Thanks you for praying and for being a part of what we do in “Equipping for Harvest” through Fields of Wheat.

With lasting appreciation,

Joel Jelski,

Director, Katzir/Harvest National Youth Camps

P.S. Please mark your calendars and plan to join us for our next international Zoom Prayer call happening on Thursday July 28th at 6pm Israel time. We will be sharing updates and interceding together, especially for this upcoming Katzir camp. A reminder email will be sent with a link to the call closer to the date. Looking forward to seeing you!

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