The harvest is the end of the age (Matt 13:39)

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Dear Fields of Wheat family,

Current events are certainly increasing our longing for Yeshua’s return, aren’t they?  We want Him back ASAP.  But we know that the salvation of Israel must come first (Joel 2:32-3:1). With this item at the top of God’s agenda, we feel an urgency to establish a national equipping center that will prepare, multiply and send forth workers into the harvest.

We know that such a breakthrough is only possible through the joining of our hearts and resources with yours. In fact, we are on the verge of acquiring a beautiful property overlooking the Sea of Galilee!

Last week our Israeli team, together with two dear board members from the USA, hosted a Zoom call where we shared for the first time publicly about the property we are currently negotiating for. It was such a precious time of sharing and prayer! The feedback we received was beyond what we imagined.

We believe there are many more people around the world whom God is wanting to connect to the vision and mission of Fields of Wheat. Therefore, we are reaching out to you, our dear friends, with a special request. Would you be an advocate for Fields of Wheat, by inviting family, friends, home church, prayer group, co-workers… to join us on one of our next Zoom calls? Yes, this will take boldness to stand with Yeshua in His work among the lost sheep of Israel—fueled by His love. But it is one of the very best gifts we can give Him!

This week, please make a point of sharing about Fields of Wheat with whomever God puts on year heart, letting them hear the excitement and validation in your voice concerning believers in Israel purchasing property—property to be used as an equipping center dedicated to:

  1. Hosting God’s presence,
  2. Reaching & Discipling the next generation, and
  3. Making Yeshua known throughout Israel—in both Jewish and Arab communities

Here are two upcoming Zoom calls we will be hosting that you can invite them to, to learn more. Or, if you missed the last call, here’s another chance:

We so look forward to seeing you and, of course, meeting your friends and sharing our hearts with them too!

In brotherly love and partnership,

Eitan Shishkoff and the Fields of Wheat team

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