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Most often it is step by step—not in one enormous jump. We have just taken a major step in fulfilling the vision God gave me seven years ago: a national facility for equipping young Israelis to be the workers and leaders in the final harvest leading to Yeshua’s return.

That “now” step is buying a large house in the Golan Heights. We’ve signed the contract and begun the payments. Because of your faithful and amazing generosity—all the funds for the basic purchase are in our hands. Now’s the opportunity to outfit the house with much-needed equipment for full use (see below).

This house will be the first Fields of Wheat headquarters, a facility for (1) our soon to be launched Arab-Jewish discipleship in Messiah, (2) team building for the national youth work of Katzir, and (3) a much-needed office and storage space. Plus, it’s beautiful and has enough yard around it for volleyball and bbq’s. [Here’s a video report to share our wonderful news.]

When the LORD asked Moses, “What is that in your hand?” He wasn’t taking inventory of the shepherd’s equipment. He was responding to Moses’s insecurities and demonstrating that He could use whatever was currently available to His servant to accomplish His purposes.

Twice within 24 hours people praying—far removed from each other—mentioned this in their prayers with us. The reassuring application was immediately clear. We are to use what’s “in our hands,” i.e. this immediately purchasable house. God took Moses’s staff and freed all of Israel from bondage. We know this is an essential step toward all the rest of God’s plans.

How can you participate?

Fields of Wheat has never been the work of the few of us living in Israel. From the outset, this ministry has been built through the inspiration of many around the world—to take part in the Lord’s end-time harvest in His land, Eretz Yisrael.

Now that we’re establishing a home for discipleship, there will be household needs. Here are several areas to help set up housekeeping. Our initial enrollment will top out at ten students.

§ Each student will need a bed (bunk beds to conserve space), bedding, and bath linens.

A donation of $300 will provide these supplies for one student. (Total=$3000)

§ Kitchen equipment is, of course essential.

For $200 per student the kitchen can prepare nourishing and tasty meals. (Total=$2000)

§ The laundry room needs reconfiguring to allow a larger washing machine.

Estimated carpentry, plumbing, plus new washing machine totals $2000.

Your participation will equip a young messenger to bring the good news of Yeshua’s kingdom to the Jewish and Arab communities of Israel.


So grateful for your active friendship and participation in this unfolding vision,
Eitan Shishkoff

P.S. Yes, I’m excited about this breakthrough. But more prayer is needed. Please pray for…

  • The completion of the purchase payments (existing funds must be transferred internationally).
  • Our new ministry home to be a blessing in the new neighborhood.
  • The young men and women God chooses to be in our first class.
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