You are about to hear directly from Israeli Messianic Youth….

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I am sure you have experienced a time when someone shared an amazing God story, and your heart was deeply moved! On the inside, you were praying, “God do that again in me/in my family.” These kinds of testimonies build us up and empower us with new faith for the journey.

You are about to hear directly from Israeli Messianic youth about their personal experiences during our recent Katzir youth camp. We want you to listen in as they reveal the depths to which Yeshua touched them. Hearing “God stories” is an immediate motivator for us to keep pressing on in our core mission of equipping the next generation to be harvesters (Matthew 9:36-38).

Reverberating Effects

Not only do we hear tens of encouraging testimonies from the youth during our camps, but they continue to come in days and weeks afterward from youth leaders, parents, and the youth themselves. Their testimonies fuel our faith and stir our hearts in prayer to ask God to do it again and even more in the next camp. We believe these direct reports from our last camp will provide fresh inspiration for us to stay focused on raising up the next generation together.

* A: I came to the camp with pain in my back, and during worship, it was healed!

* S: I came with many questions about how I can work through the difficult times I am going through in life. After hearing other testimonies of other youth who have been going through what I have been experiencing and are overcoming, I was greatly encouraged.

* Parent/leader in a local congregation: I want to express a huge thank you to the Katzir staff. We’ve seen a significant change in some of our youth in how they left for Katzir and how they returned. They encountered the presence of God, and real changes have taken place. One of the young men returned home singing worship songs as he entered his house, which was not normal for him. I heard from one of the mothers that her daughter was really struggling at the beginning of the camp, but the Lord touched her, and she was set free and came home changed for the better. Another young lady testified that her understanding of hearing God’s voice, obedience, and the importance of His presence in her life went to a whole new level.

These youth keep talking about what happened during Katzir and cannot wait for the next camp this summer.

These camps are usually one important step in the process of how God is working in the lives of young people. God began doing a deep work in a young lady’s heart during the camp, and in the following week, she dedicated her life to Yeshua!

A common theme that many of the youth testified about was: “God’s love is so amazing. During worship, I experienced a closeness to God that was beyond what I have ever experienced. God’s presence came, and I asked Him to forgive me of my sin.”

YOU ARE AN ESSENTIAL part of these young Israeli lives being transformed for God! Your partnership financially and through prayer are yielding huge dividends. Thank You!

Mark Your Calendar

This THURSDAY, MAY 19, 2022, at 6:00 pm Israeli time, we will gather again for fellowship and intercession.
On this call, we will have EXCITING NEWS to share with you! We want to introduce you to our new Arab team member that joined us last month. And this week, we signed for the purchase of a property in the Golan Heights! We can’t wait to share more with you about this.

We are so looking forward to seeing you. The link for the zoom call is right here:

WHEN: THURSDAY, May 19, 2022 6:00 PM Jerusalem / 11:00 AM EST

North America Zones:
Hawaii – 6:00 am
Pacific – 8:00 am
Mountain – 9:00 am
Central – 10:00 am
Eastern – 11:00 am

Europe/MidEast Zones:
U.K – 16:00
W.Europe – 17:00
Israel – 18:00
It will be such a blessing to see you Thursday!

May the Lord make His face shine upon you and be gracious unto you!

Cody & Eitan (for our entire team)

P.S. Please join us on May 19 for this unique opportunity to not only be updated but to agree together for God’s purposes for the ongoing development of the goals and vision of Fields of Wheat. Feel free to invite others to this call

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