Katzir Passover Camp – Yeshua Touched the Teens

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I wish you could have been there!

But of course our national youth camp, held in an obscure (but scenic) part of Israel and all in Hebrew, and off limits for “adults”– there’s no way you could have been there. But maybe I can give you a taste of what it was like, before Joel shares a video sum-up.

We’re inside a “Beduoin” tent. It’s large enough for the 100+ teens and their 20+ counselors. The praise and worship team brings the group into a place of tender adoration for the Lord. I notice that the youth are really “into it.” Their hearts are reaching out for God.

The speaker, a respected pastor with a great love for teens, says “I was not born a pastor.” Everyone laughs—until he shares some of his life story and deep trials. Young people are being touched (and this continued through the camp) by honesty, being real with them about our personal struggles and how the Lord is an “anchor” in stormy times. During prayer after each message, young men and women turn to Yeshua, now feeling safe to turn to Him in vulnerability.

These events are the result of your participation in prayer and in financial support. They require massive planning and onsite coordination – which was superb. We rejoice to know the deep impact our “Anchor for My Soul” (Hebrews 6:18-20) camp had on Israel’s future workers and leaders in the final harvest. THANK YOU, for joining us in equipping them for a life filled with Messiah’s love.

Eitan Shishkoff

PS Here’s another special testimony of God’s provision—our new van—for the use of all the Fields of Wheat ministries, including Katzir Youth and Harvesters Young Adult Discipleship.

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