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144,000 is a special number to God.  But who ARE the 144,000?

In Revelation 7 we see a list of the 12 tribes of Israel, 12,000 from each tribe. We’re told that these are servants of God who must be sealed (on their forehead) unto the Lord before harm can come to the earth and sea.

Accompanying the Lamb

Later, in Chapter 14, the same number appears again with the “Father’s name written on their foreheads.” They are with the Lamb as He is standing on Mt. Zion. They’re singing a new song. Their speech is without deceit. And they are “without fault before the throne of God.” But who ARE they?

I can’t prove it, but I believe these are young Jewish believers in Yeshua worshiping Him in literal Israel. And if that’s the case, every effort to bring young Israelis into vibrant, Spirit-empowered, love-of-God-rooted life is a high priority.

A Coincidence?

Maybe it’s a coincidence, but that also happens to be the number of dollars we need in order to put on the Katzir/Harvest youth camps for 2023.  When we estimated our annual budget for reaching the hearts of Israeli teens it hovered around $144,000. The similarity was too strong to ignore!

This year, as you’ll hear our director, Joel, share in this brief video, we are coming to you BEFORE all three annual camps. This way your giving will be at work throughout the year, and we’ll be able to measure our progress toward the $144,000 goal.

Each camp (Passover, Summer, & Chanukah) is prayerfully built way ahead of time. These wonderfully intense days are constructed from (1) deep, dynamic worship, (2) biblically sound messages touching the real challenges of today’s youth, (3) small group discussions led by trained, caring young adults, and (4) times of recreation, hiking, and much-needed friendship with fellow believers from other parts of the country.

Here’s just one testimony of a young man who was majorly impacted at our last camp: This was my first time at Katzir. I discovered who Yeshua really is (boy chokes up and his fellow teens are cheering for him!). I’ve gone through a lot—alchohol and pornography. I know God has set me free from these things. I didn’t know Him at all, but now Yeshua has saved me from death! I see how the Lord works through the counselors and the other youth. I’ve rediscovered hope. Now I’m so glad that Yeshua is in my life.

Thank you for taking time to pray about a year-long commitment to see these kids filled with God and sent back to reach their generation for Messiah. Years after attending Katzir, Israeli believers tell us that it was a turning point in their spiritual life.

Sowing Seed that will bring a Harvest (katzir)

A total of 360 young men and women will attend our three events during 2023. This means that for just $400 (360 into $144,000 = $400) you can bless a young Israeli with an experience that will stay with him or her for life. Giving this amount three times during 2023 ($1200) brings that same young person an entire year of opportunities to encounter God’s transforming presence.

Our commitment to you is to conscientiously invest the resources you entrust to us in the lives of these young people. Katzir (under Fields of Wheat) functions with a minimum of paid staff—relying on some 40 volunteer counselors and logistics team members.

Prizing the privilege of serving God’s purposes with you in our generation,

Eitan and the Fields of Wheat Team

P.S. I really don’t know who the 144,000 are. But this I do know, Yeshua’s end-time harvest will need workers well-equipped to help their fellow-Israelis know Him. Together, we are equipping them for His harvest.

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