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At the ripe young age of 75, I am the senior member of our Katzir youth ministry team. I often pinch myself. Am I really getting to hang out with these dedicated young adults who love their younger Israeli brothers and sisters in Yeshua? And do I get to worship whole-heartedly with teen-agers, some of whom are my own grandkids?

This week I’ll again have the incredible experience of being with 120 teens and around 40 ministry team members. I continue to feel enormously privileged to be a part of their spiritual journey.

Yet I am not alone. While you may not be physically with us at this week’s national Passover Messianic Teen Camp, your participation is as vital as mine. The video clip you are about to watch, tells only part of the story of what happens at these camps. The “behind the scenes” ingredient is what makes the event happen.

You are our “Production Team”

Trust me. When I had the opportunity to act in some films recently, I watched in awe as the production crew created the sets and the guys behind the camera made the scenes come alive afterward–on the screen. Without them, my role would have been meaningless. In the same way, these camps enabling Israel’s youth to experience Yeshua’s transforming love and truth, could not happen without you, our “production team.”

Here, then, for you to share in the strong sense of fulfilment and joy that I feel, are some scenes and first-hand reports from a Katzir/Harvest camp.


As we dive into four action-filled days, we earnestly covet your prayers. “Who Am I?” is the theme/topic we’ve chosen for this Passover camp. Young people everywhere ask themselves this question, but especially in the conflict-torn, highly politicized, socially-divided Middle East. We will be opening God’s word together, to share the true meaning of “being alive,” why we were created, and what is our highest destiny.

Please join me in praying for these vital points as we gather from Thursday, March 30 to Sunday, April 2:

– God breathing upon these youth by His Spirit, empowering them to want Him and to know Him in the deepest way

– Yeshua being “lifted up,” glorified through worship, bible discussion, and activities designed to build friendship

– Superb coordination & harmonious teamwork among the young adult counselors, logistics team, & core leaders

– Physical safety, traveling mercies, excellent weather, and good interactions with those running the facility

I am truly grateful to be linked with you, heart to heart, in this strategic and impactful ministry to the youth and young adults of Israel. May God bless you with deeper connectedness than ever before in your relationship with Him, during this season of Yeshua’s Passover sacrifice and His First Fruits/Resurrection Day victory over sin and death.

With love,
Eitan Shishkoff

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