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The Katzir Passover Youth camp just ended and I’m filled with heartfelt gratitude for your support! 

We went to the Negev desert, overlooking one of the most awe-inspiring geo-phenomena in all of Israel. It’s called Maktesh Ramon and it is the world’s largest erosion cirque.* Having just spent four exhilirating days with 120 teens from all over Israel, I want to share with you some of the highlights and successes but also the challenges we faced at the camp.

Our Ministry Team Carries the Weight 

“It doesn’t look like we’re going to have enough counselors to handle all the youth,” our director, Joel, informed me. Our Fields of Wheat permanent staff immediately went to prayer. The challenge is not a lack of passionately dedicated young adults who want to serve at Katzir (harvest) camps.  It’s that these counselors and logistics teammates volunteer their valuable time, taking off from jobs, college studies, and even army duty. Knowing that God would provide as he did many times before, and we were proven right. Just in time, we were blessed with additional volunteers, many of them first timers. They all stepped up and did an outstanding job.

Once we had the right team in place, the camp went off without a hitch. I watched the youth, ages 14-18, who are working their way through one of life’s most challenging transitions—between childhood and adulthood. Knowing their playfulness and longing for friendship, we designed a number of fun team activities. Convinced that experiencing God’s presence is essential for spiritual growth, the worship times visibly touched their hungry hearts. In meaningful small group discussions they had many opportunities to read and apply God’s word to personal situations. A long hike, descending into the breath-taking desert provided a dramatic backdrop for our spiritual journey, witnessing firsthand the power of God’s creation.

The Real Highlight

The real highlight of the camp was the profound impact it had on the lives of the young Israelis who attended. During our final meeting one after another of the teens testified before the whole group—some with tears– of the deep change they experienced in these few action-packed days. Through the guidance of our young adult counselors, many young people were able to deepen their faith, develop new friendships, and discover new ways to serve others.

We are deeply grateful for your contributions, which made this camp possible. Your generosity enabled us to provide an environment where young people could encounter God and experience transformation in their lives. We trust that you will continue to support our ministry in the future, as we strive to make a positive difference in the lives of young people.

Ruby Bishai
Fields of Wheat Staff Member

* cirque: an amphitheater-like valley formed by glacial erosion

Current support given | Goal of $144,00
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